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New Jersey Long Term Care Refresher Training Course
This course provides an examination of long-term care insurance contracts. It begins with an introduction to long-term care that defines long-term care, provides information about the likelihood and expense of long-term care, and the various ways long-term care may be paid for. Then, the many features of long-term care insurance are detailed. Next, qualified long-term care policies are explained, including their tax advantages. The course then turns to an examination of the Long-Term Care Partnership Program, and explores the history of Partnership Programs, the relationship of Partnership long-term contracts and Medicaid and the DRA requirements. The consumer protection provisions required in Partnership policies are thoroughly described. Throughout the course, reference will be made to two important pieces of legislation. One is the Long-Term Care Model Act, and the other is the Long-Term Care Model Regulation. These were both developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). As the name of this association indicates, it is made up of the insurance commissioners of the various states and is supported by them and their respective staffs. This association undertakes many activities, including the development of model legislation affecting insurance. The intent of this activity is to develop more uniform standards throughout the United States in the laws and regulations surrounding the business of insurance. The legislation is typically the result of a thorough, thoughtful examination of the subject matter in the light of best protecting consumer interests while maintaining the insurance companies’ ability to operate an ongoing business. Most states have adopted both the Long-Term Care Model Act and the Model Regulation language into their body of laws and rules. States often do have some differences from the language and provisions developed by the NAIC, however. In this course, long-term care insurance is explained using the Model Act and Regulation as the standard for policy provisions, definitions and governance by the states. Differences in state law from this standard are examined at the end of the course. An examination of the long-term care laws and regulations specific to your state as well as the partnership policies conclude the course.
Distance Learning Course
Distance Learning Course

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